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Hello - Thank you for allowing me to participate in this forum.
I feel very fortunate to have found you.
I have been in a work group for about a year. ( I believe (?)
Gurdjieff has answered soooo many of my questions, after years of Advaita Vedanta & the way one learns to meditate via that philosophy.
An unanswered question of mine is the direction one looks in that system vs. Gurdjieff's teachings - for, certainly, my way of meditating falls into that habit (and I must catch myself - in fact, I've had to limit meditation because I find myself falling into the "You Are That" trap - it is a prevalent system and it is starting to feel like hypnosis to me - because one falls into a reverie / into imagination etc. I have not been in the work long enough to know what that means / if that is an "i" or a particular part (ie; emotional, intellectual etc. ) of me (I have still not been able to grasp all the parts.)
I am still working on not identifying, no negative talk etc. but I do "remember" myself ... all the time because I see how I forget myself and I have never felt as opaque as this, as asleep as this ...
Thank you for allowing me to be here.
My name isn't Antonio - but that is my alias - I feel it might be easier to be open to things without attaching to the name which is attached to so many "i" s
Thank you,
(alias) Antonio

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