Postby Michael-Hove » Mon May 26, 2014 4:39 pm

I am Michael Shankland , live in Hove.
Have studied the Work at different times in my life. An involvement with on line discussion group I was a member of between 2008- 2012 ended acrimoniously and am retracing my steps in The Work by starting to read through Nicoll's 'Commentaries.

Currently focusing on the notion that 'The level of being attracts his ( a person's) life' and how the personality thinks that this is fair if applies to others, but not itself!
Have been observing how the personality Identifies with and clings to resentments and negative emotions, and overall opposition to change of being.

Thank you for letting me post.


Re: Introduction

Postby rideforever » Mon May 26, 2014 7:15 pm

Hello Michael
I also live in Hove, in the UK - not sure if there other Hoves.
Would you like to meet up ? Where's good ... Drury's Richardson Road ?
I am available most days /eves.
Do let me know.


Re: Introduction

Postby MichaelShankland » Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:19 am

Hello Sacha
Yes I am in Hove, UK! Will message you about meeting.

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Re: Introduction

Postby Lowski » Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:43 am

My name is Jurek live in Sydney . Grateful to G. group in Sydney that have given me opportunity to understand what it is the present moment ; in my hunger for knowledge study hermetic, alchemy, Gnosticism , in my understanding found what i was looking for, the secret of Great Arkanum or transmutation what G. is talking many many times but no one believe him. Great Hermes call it
/This is the strongest of all powers ; Thus was the world created ; Thus you will obtain the glory . G. says - one must know that this divine seed - has another function, that of construction of a second body in us - from whence the sentence ; Happy he who understand the function of the /exioehary/ for the transmutation of his being, Unhappy he who uses them in UNILATERAL manner.


Re: Introduction

Postby Anatolij » Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:16 am

Hello Sydney. You personally know how to transform xiahai?

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