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Cosmic Messenger

Postby Dr.Max » Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:07 am

For today I am pondering this quote from Gurdjieff from "All and Everything" ~

"Although the real man who has already acquired his own "I" and also the man in quotation marks who has not, are equally slaves of the said "Greatness", yet the difference between them, as I have already said, consists in this, that since the attitude of the former to his slavery is conscious, he acquires the possibility, simultaneously with serving the all-universal Actualizing, of applying a part of his manifestations according to the providence of Great Nature for the purpose of acquiring for himself "imperishable Being", whereas the latter, not cognizing his slavery, serves during the flow of the entire process of his existence exclusively only as a thing, which when no longer needed, disappears forever."

Does this 'touch' anyone?

Respectfully, Max

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